Matrix Theme for HABPanel

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Could you please share your transform file?
I will modify the template to match to the new pride theme a little better and share it if i am done :slight_smile:
It would save me some time if you don’t mind.


Did you get this working?
I am on a mac and my path is:
but when i open it i see this:

i only found this path.
my share older (usr/share) does not contain a grafana sub folder

Hi Jonas,

yes, send me a pm with your Email-Adress.


did you make any progress?
Somehow my graphs don’t seem to update even if i reload.
What exactly do i need to configure in grafana?
I chose 15 min refresh time. do i need to configure something else?
the graph changes in the graphana setting url but my embedded image does not so i think the image is not refreshed automatically. I marked the option i used to embed the image.
I think this is just a screenshot and nothing dynamic. but the other options won’t work for me. i just get a “file not found”-image

Hola que tal?.

Despues de mucho tiempo y ahora con mas tiempo para poder jugar con esto en mi nueva casa.

Les solicito información de como puedo cambiar los colores de los iconos SVG. para poder seguir avanzando.

Gracias de antemano.


Hello everybody,

Here are a few updates from my dashboard. Thanks again to Patrick for the perfect template

Weather, Calendar, Astro, Home-Temp


Living Room


Bedroom and bathroom with Popups for Air Cleaner and Heater

Hall and cellar

Vaccum Cleaner with Popup for Mode and Fan-Options

Flowers with Graph-Gallery


Network-Info with Popup for WLAN-Devices

Energy-Info with Popup


Hello Nognog,

fantastic config, would you mind share those, I would love to adapt them to my home! :wink:

I’ve sent u a PM :slight_smile:

Hey, I would like to have the config, too. Can you please post it here or send me via pm?

I have temperature as UoM (QuantityType Temperature). The ‘… | Number:1’ formatting doesn’t work. How should that be stated for these item types?

Can you explain this for a svg / css noob… what did you change, so the icons dont display that fat? I cant get them as thin as in your screens…

thx for help!

just delete the stroke-width attribute from the svg you want to include. it is handled globally when you use the matrix theme.
delete the stroke attribute as well as you want the color to be set globally as well.

ok great, will give that a try!

Hi FredRoot!
I’m in trouble starting a new custom template…
I need a 240x200pixel template for an older device…

I have your same 3 questions…

May you please help me ?

Thanks i have purchased already fontawsome and i cannot use them :confused:
Could you post a simple procedure please ?


I am trying to use an iframe like you, as I can not continue to use the direct link rendered image on a Rpi4. I can, however, not get the the iframe to load - it says that “IP of my Pi” refused the connection. Did you do something special to make this work?
Cheers and thanks:-)

<div class="graph">
			<iframe src="" width="450" height="200" frameborder="0"></iframe>
			<div class="legend">Last 24 hours</div>

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Hi i have managed to install squid icon but it doesnt appear in the select of the widget conf i can only choose standard icon from openhab .
Do you know how to fix that ?

@sapster77 sorry for the delayed reply…
I don’t recall doing anything out of the ordinary to get the graphing to load as an iframe. I’m running a Debian VM under ESXI for my openHAB setup though, and not an RPi. Since I posted that the battery in my Pixel C which I was using for editing and setting up the Matrix-themed Habpanel has since stopped holding a useable charge and I retired it. In my haste to replace it along with breaking my openHAB install (multiple times) I lost my HABPanel setup and have not rebuilt it.
If I think of anything I may have done at the time I’ll be sure to let you know.

Sorry I could not be of any help…


Thanks a lot for your reply, I’ll keep searching:-)

Hi Christopher

Your Template is very nice.
How did you made the menu on the top?

Hi all

Can somebody explain me how to set-up the menu_page working?
Thank you for your help