Max! Binding - Alexa wont recognize

Hey there,

I am on that point, that my MAX! Binding works well.
I found out, that my items can be controlled with Alexa.
There are a few topics for that and I now that my group need a label.

// Gruppen für die einzelnen Räume
Group gMaxWohnzimmer “Thermostat Wohnzimmer” (gMax) [“Thermostat”]
Group gMaxKueche “Thermostat Küche” (gMax) [“Thermostat”]
Group gMaxKinderzimmer “Thermostat Kinderzimmer” (gMax) [“Thermostat”]
Group gMaxBuero “Thermostat Buero” (gMax) [“Thermostat”]
Group gMaxSchlafzimmer "Thermostat Schlafzimmer " (gMax) [“Thermostat”]
Group gMaxFlur “Thermostat Flur” (gMax) [“Thermostat”]
Group gMaxFluroben "Thermostat Schlafzimmer " (gMax) [“Thermostat”]
Group gMaxKleiderzimmer “Thermostat Kleiderzimmer” (gMax) [“Thermostat”]

when I understand it correctly, I only need to say “Thermostat Wohnzimmer” but after that, I need to say what? maybe my wish temperature?
I tested it a few times, but every time Alexa told me there a no things like “Thermostat” or “Thermostat Wohnzimmer”… I dont understand what am I doing wrong…

can someone help me :slight_smile: ?


You need to model the capabilities for each of your thermostat group endpoints.

Thanks for the reply,

ok I get it, but when I try to create that endpoint, my whole code crash :frowning:
to be exact all things are getting removed :smiley:

my example:

Group gMaxWohnzimmer “Thermostat Wohnzimmer” (gMax) [“Thermostat”] ```

for the group (upper) I dont get an error
but for the second “command” something crashes the code.
I think I cannot set multiple “{} & {}” ? so after the command for temp reading an alexa command in {} …

Number maxActualTempWohnzimmer “Raumtemperatur [%.1f °C]” <max_temp> (gMaxWohnzimmer, gMaxActualTemp) [“CurrentTemperature”] {channel=“max:thermostat:IEQ0113058:JEQ0255649:actual_temp”}{alexa=“TemperatureSensor.temperature”}

I think you have the v2 and v3 Alexa skill tagging mixed up. What version are you using? The v3 will work with v2 so the correct syntax for v2 is [“Lighting”].

Use either this (V3):

Group gMaxWohnzimmer "Thermostat Wohnzimmer" (gMax)

or this (V2):

Group gMaxWohnzimmer "Thermostat Wohnzimmer" (gMax) ["Thermostat"] 

but not both syntax types on the same item.

well, then my whole code must work correctly?
cause I don’t know which version I got, it is downgrade compatible so it doesn’t care or?

anyways, I changed it and prefer ur example in V3 yes this generates no error.
But what can I ask Alexa now?

i need to set something like this into my command for actual temp correct ?

Number maxActualTempWohnzimmer “Raumtemperatur [%.1f °C]” <max_temp> (gMaxWohnzimmer, gMaxActualTemp) {alexa=“CurrentTemperature”} {channel=“max:thermostat:IEQ0113058:JEQ0255649:actual_temp”}

but every time I am setting a second bracket one for the Alexa command and one for my channel the code crashes.

Yes, you need to separate with a comma.

Number maxActualTempWohnzimmer "Raumtemperatur [%.1f °C]" <max_temp> (gMaxWohnzimmer, gMaxActualTemp) ["CurrentTemperature"] {alexa="TemperatureSensor.temperature", channel="max:thermostat:IEQ0113058:JEQ0255649:actual_temp"}

Out of curiosity, did you have the tagging “CurrentTemperature” already in place prior to adding the v3 configuration? If so, now that I am rereading your issue, it may just be the way you are requesting your thermostat commands.

What @jeshab said.

Just to be clear, you can have both syntax in case you want to use other assistant integration (e.g. HomeKit). The Alexa skill uses the metadata v3 configuration if available falling back to v2 tagging otherwise.

oh well thank u for that :smiley: … noob mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmm yes, I got both in my code like on your last post.

When i ask Alexa for “Thermostat” “Temperature” she says my device doesn’t support this :open_mouth:
well, that’s new…

Can i set the “commands” into german like changing the bracket “CurrentTemperature” to “Aktuelle Temperatur” or is this a fix command in the syntax or is alexa doing this by herself.

No this doesn’t control the translation. This is done on the Alexa side. You need to request it a certain way.

Just translate some of the utterance examples listed on this page.

mhh okay i copied it to my settemp command

Number maxSetTempWohnzimmer “Wunschtemperatur [%.1f °C]” <max_temp> (gMaxWohnzimmer, gMaxSetTemp, gMaxAutoTemp) [“TargetTemperature”] {alexa=“ThermostatController.targetSetpoint”,channel=“max:thermostat:IEQ0113058:JEQ0255649:set_temp”}

she cant find a device called “I” or" thermostat" i tried both ways
I say “Alexa, set thermostat to twenty.” only in german… i also tried it in English :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you run a discovery after making the configuration change? Can you check in your Alexa app that you can see your thermostat devices and can control them?

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my mistake, no I cant add the device to the Alexa app…
well, I must search why I cant see the device <.<

finally, I fixed it…
I must “install” the openhab “app” inside of the Alexa app.
After that, all devices were detected automatically and I can control all thermostats via Alexa

thanks for your help! :slight_smile: