Max! Binding Cube and Thermostat

I got myself the Max! Starter Set with Cube, 2x Thermostat, 2x Shutter

Pairing and everything worked fine. I want to set the temperature (set_temp) with a timed rule.

But something strange happens. At a special time every day the thermostat changes the temperature to 21 C. This is not triggered by me or my rules.

This might be triggered by the comfort temperature set in paper ui (configuration of thermostat thing, show more) or the cube that I initially (unfortunately) set up with the max! software.

Can someone help to understand how the configuration in paper iu or the cube “overwrites” my settings and how I can deativate this. so the temperature is only set by me or by my rules?

Thanks a lot.

If you uninstall the binding will the temp still change? If so, the issue is with the t-stat not OH.

If OH is causing this then set the log to DEBUG or TRACE and see if there are any clues.

Indeed it is rather unlikely that the binding would trigger that by itself.
This would either be a program on the thermostat or a rule sending the command.

Unloading the binding indeed will clarify if there is a thermostat program that drives this

It’s likely caused by the thermostats themselves. When in AUTO mode, they’ll change temperatures right at the times the MAX! software told them to when you configured it. OH does not override this.
So remove that from within MAX! UI or put thermostats into MANUAL mode.

Thanks a lot for the quick responses. It was the Max Cube/thermastats themselves. I will change to manual mode and hope that this will do the trick!