MAX!Cube-Binding - Schedule and vacation mode

In my setup I am using a MaxCube with 5 thermostats in 3 rooms. I programmed the MaxCube to use a specific schedule to turn on heating in the morning and turning it off at night for example.

I’ve added the MaxCube and the thermostats to my OpenHAB 2 setup using the binding. But I’m not sure how to create the following: I would like the schedule of the thermostats to be aware of my presence. I’ve added a presence switch to OpenHAB, and would like to connect it to the vacation mode of the MaxCube. Is this possible in the binding?

Right now I can set the temperatures and modes of the individual thermostat, but the MaxCube’s schedule will override those settings as soon as the schedule updates the thermostat.

So, can I use the vacation mode from within OpenHAB so I can stick with the schedule of the MaxCube? Or should I completely rewrite the schedule to OpenHAB, and what would be the best way to achieve that?

Thanks for any help!

As far as I remember, in the normal application, the vacation mode is send with a duration.
In OH there is not this possibility to send the time, hence indeed it works as you describe.

One way you could try is to use the manual mode instead of the vacation mode.
So set all thermostats to manual mode & change the temperature to your desired low temperature. Than when your presence is detected again switch back to automatic mode.

Thanks. As far as I knew, the manual mode would be override by the next scheduled temperature. But I’ll give this option a try on one of the thermostats to see what will happen :slight_smile:

I actually cannot get eco or off or vacation mode to work.
Anything seem wrong here?

Selection item=gModes   icon="Radiators"     label="Mode:" mappings=[AUTOMATIC="Auto",MANUAL="Manual",BOOST="Boost",VACATION="Off"]

Can anyone help?
My radiators don’t change with vacation mode.

Anyone know why?

I believe the binding does not really support to put radiators in vacation mode. It can display it, but setting that mode requires the duration to be set, which the binding does not implement.

Note that there is no such thing as eco mode. The radiators can be put to eco temperature, but it is not a mode as such.

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But how? In Binding description there is no info about it.