MAX! Cube, changing program (timer data) data via MAX! cube binding?

I was looking for a way to change the MAX! Cube schedule / weekly programmer settings via OpeHAB rather than having to make changes to the daily timer settings via the MAX web GUI. Starting the MAX interface, making a change, then shutting it down is not very family friendly, someone will forget to exit the MAX app and complain the heating no longer works…

I can see from the logs that all the timer / temperature setting data is sent from the cube to the binding every minute. Is it possible to modify these settings from within OpenHAB and are the log outputs available via the Binding? Even if it’s not yet posible to change the Programme via the binding, can I display the settings via the binding?.

On a positive note, the updated OH1 binding seems far more stable than earlier versions. Current MAX Cube hangs have all had a cause, usually my fault!

Unfortunately the switch times only exist as an output in the log,
I have in my wish list for the binding in my mind to make this updateable as well, but have not spend much time on it.

Do you have a good idea how it could be outputted to OH? I’ve not seen very good OH examples of thermostat programming.

For me there are 2 ways I could think of:

  1. have a channel for each day, and have a text will all the swichpoints
  2. Integrate it somehow to a calendar view (e.g. connect with the caldav binding/google agenda or some like that) and display it from there.

The updating part could be for #1 by updating the line, the 2nd option more graphical would be by reading back this calendar.

HI Marcel
Sorry for the long delay in replying, other things have overtaken me.

With regard to presentaion in Opehab, I haven’t seen any other thermostat programming examples either. However I have no problem with the standard MAX web interface presentation, it’s just the rest of the web interface that’s a pain. I’m currently using the Android MAX! remote for thermostat programming, which indicates there must be a way of sending programming info to the Cube and on to the thermostats, something I’d likke to try when I get time; their timer programming interface is perfectly usable too.
The one thing I would really like is to be able to backup and restore timer and MAX! config (devices configured to the Cube) settings via the binding, this would make the regular Cube crashes a little less frustrating. On that subject, it may be worth adding scheduled Cube reboots as a binding feature, regular soft reboots seem to keep the Cube up for reasonable lengths of time.

Sorry not to have any useful info from testing within Openhab, as I mentioned earlier time is tight. Thanks for all your good work so far, I hope to have the OH 2 system running soon and look forward to all your improvements.

I didn’t tried myself but found this. Maybe this is an option

Seems that you might use http commands from openhab to get access?