MAX Cube question window open


Is it possible to send a command to the MAX Cube that the window is open in a certain room using my own window contact and not using the MAX window contatcs ? I want to build my own mysensors window Contacts and switch the radiator valves to the "window open " setting based on the openhab rules So far I don’t know if it’s possible for openhab to send such a command.

Probably no, but you can send a temperature or mode command on open/close.
(and out of curiosity, why would you want to do that? MAX! sensors are cheap, and you can use them for non MAX purposes, too)

I would like to do that because I’ve been collecting a lot of arduinos and nrf24l01 modules over the years. And after I discovered openhab and mysensors i finally have an application for them :stuck_out_tongue:and they won’t “rust” into a drawer. But now if you say that you can use the max window contacts for other purposes you’ve got me thinking. How fast do the max contacts update their status in openhab ?

Fast (assuming you use the maxcube binding in permanent connection mode). Just configure it like

Contact K_Buero_Fenster_Kontakt "Fenster Büro [MAP(]" <contact> (K_Buero,K_Buero_Fenster,Fenster,Alarmkontakte) { maxcube="KMD4011XXX" }

and see for yourself.

There’ll be more rewarding reuses for your Arduinos, I guess.

Ok, you’ve convinced me then, I will buy some max contacts then, I will use the arduinos for something else.thanks for the info.

There is no such command that you can send directly.

However, you can have a simple rule in OH that changes the mode to ECO
So, you have your sensor sending the open-closed status to OH (e.g. via MQTT, serial or whatever protocol) and have a rule to change the thermostat mode on every change to either ECO or AUTO