MAX! Cul with openHAB2

Hello, based on the documentation you can run the MAX! system without the MAX! cube but the MAX Cul Adapter on a RaspberryPI. This is what i want to do.
My question:

Is this setup shown here:
only working on openHAB version 1 or is it also compatible with the new openHAB version 2?


Well it should work in compatibility layer mode, but with the much more stable new MAX! binding in OH2, there’s no need for the MAX Cul any more.

thanks markus,
but this needs the max cube right?

Yes, but you need the cube anyway, don’t you?

no, i do not use the cube, i can run the wall thermostat and radiator driver without the cube

Like me, most people that are moving from fhem to openhab will have a cul.

So now it is summer but when there is no stable openhab 2 cul binding working i have to buy cube before autum :frowning:

I use a CUL (and no Cube) with Homegear. The CUL is added to Homegear, the devices are paired there, too. Then you can use the Homematic binding in openHAB which will discover the Homegear installation like it was a Homematic CCU.