MAX eQ3 refresh sitemap

I’ve got some MAX eQ3 thermostats and shutter contacts. Unfortunately, if I open a window the state to the shutter contact does not change on the sitemap. In the MAX software it’s working fine. Also the temperature of the related thermostat changes. So it seems that the shutter contact itself is working fine.

I figured out that, if I change something in the code of the max.things (a blank or so) and and save the file, than the sitemap refreshes and displays the new state of the shutter contact. Is there a way to trigger the sitemap to refresh automatically?


It’s not a display thing but a question how soon OH gets the change information. It’s polling the maxcube. See max binding thing, do you use exclusive mode ? Poll interval to minimum (1 sec) ?
Your window sensor items - if configured correctly - should correctly display as soon as OH gets the information.

That’s triggering a lot more, items refresh polling being among. Definitely not the way to go.

Look in your events.log to find out when openHAB in general “sees” the change, that’s what the log is for.

This is definitely an improvement.
Only one of the shutter contacts still does not work. I.e. the thermostate adjusts the temperature in case of the opened window but the window state is not updated on the sitemap.
It is a used shutter contact. Maybe it is broken.