Max heating system changes temperature

Hello together,

i set up a system for room-temperature regulation with the MAX! system.
Unfortunately the system changes the temperature to 17°C without user interaction. I have debuged the binding and thats the debug-message:

2021-01-05 23:09:46.433 [DEBUG] [nternal.handler.MaxCubeBridgeHandler] - Command queued id 122 (OEQ2115513-set_temp:17.0 °C).
2021-01-05 23:09:46.433 [DEBUG] [nternal.handler.MaxCubeBridgeHandler] - Command id: 122, channelUID: max:thermostat:NEQ1635138:OEQ2115513:set_temp, command: 17.0 °C, cubeCommand: null, serialNumber: OEQ2115513, key: OEQ2115513-set_temp, commandText: 17.0 °C sent to MAX! Cube at IP:

Any idea how to solve this problem?

Thank you