Maxcube Binding (1.8) How to connect new (Max) Devices

Hello together,

currently i use the already to the MAX Local Software paired devices.
Max Local Software is stopped.
Openhab binding Works,
but the “max” logic is still in place, for example window contact opens, thermostats go to eco temp.

Im planning to unlink all device and re-pair them to maxcube via openhab-binding. But i cant find how to do this.

Is it necessary that the cube already knows the used devices via Max Local Software.

Thanks in advance for any answer.

I am using openhab 1.8.x

Edit: How to Relink the MAX-Components like described in [solved] Confusing issues with MAX!Cube thermostat target temperatures

Err… not sure from your description what you mean … do you want to delete and pair devices to the maxcube, or do you you want to link devices to each other (such as a window contact to a thermostat, to make it throttle when the window is opened) ?
Either way, you need to do that in the max local software only (at least not that I know that it can be done via openhab binding).
Once you’re done there, stop the software, start the binding and create ‘mirror’ entries in openhab items file.

Thanks for yout help. Worked within Max Local Software.
Each piece in a different “room” for not linking the device together in a room.