MaxCUL Binding - Recognize Radio Errors

Hello everyone,

i am using MaxCUL binding together with an STM32-uC based USB-CUL (using a-culfw) and some MAX!-Basic Radiothermostat-Devices.

I have 4 devices, 3 of them work very well. But one device sometimes has some radio issues, that causes some package losses.

This would not be a real problem, because the package losses is quite rare (maybe one out of 20 times). But unfortunately when i am not at home and want to change my heater-setpoint i do not get any feedback if the operation of sending a new value to the Radiothermostat has worked.

So i tried to get some kind of a “transmission-sucessfull” indicatior on the sitemap, but i did not find any example code for that.

What i want to do is the following:

When i change a thermostat-value in the sitemap, i want the device to try to transmitt the value to the Device. If this fail it should set back the displayed value in the sitemap to the old value.

I have seen in the debug-log that the CUL does feedback an radio-error back to openhab but the Binding seems not to use this information for anything. The binding in general is able to also change the items setpoint value. For example if i manually turn the wheel at the radiator the value in the sitemap is changed sucessfully after some seconds.

15:14:05.308 [ERROR] [ing.maxcul.internal.MaxCulMsgHandler] - Packet 66 (SET_TEMPERATURE) lost - timeout
15:14:05.314 [ERROR] [ing.maxcul.internal.MaxCulMsgHandler] - Transmission of packet 66 failed 3 times, message was: SET_TEMPERATURE to address ......  

Is there a easy way to use this “package loss” notification in openhap to change back the value of the specific icon? Or would it be better to edit the MAXCUL-Binding code for that?

best wishes,


Openhab Version 2.1
Armbian@Banana Pi
MaxCUL-Binding Version: 1.10.0

You could try to use the logreader binding