MaxCul Binding: Strange Behaviour

Hi All,

it seems that i found out a in my opinion quite strange behaviour of the maxcul binding. I use a max cul usb stick with 5 heating radiators and 4 window sensors.

Whenever I want to set a desired temperature for the radiators via openhab, i see the following log file entry:

2018-10-03 09:57:59.575 [ERROR] [ing.maxcul.internal.MaxCulMsgHandler] - Not enough credit after waiting. This is bad. Queued command is discarded

The result is, nothing is changed and the radiators dont receive the desired temperature.

But whenever i set a desired temperature directly at the radiators or whenever i open a window, openhab gets the change and the logfile containts entries…

2018-10-03 09:56:55.743 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Fenstersensor_Wohnzimmer changed from OPEN to CLOSED
2018-10-03 09:56:39.072 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Max_Wohnzimmer_Solltemperatur changed from 20 to 20.5

For me, this is quite unlogical, because the information are send oneway, but not bi-directonal.

Any ideas?

can anyone help here?

no one an idea?

I also try to set the temperature - same problem, but I am still testing the 1st thermostat. Hopefully someone will know a solution for this. MaxCul seems not to be used this often.