Maximum number of KNX devices with OpenHab


I have a client who owns 70 villas. I want to know if I can use only one instance of OpenHab with KNX devices for automating all the 70 villas or should I use one instance of OpenHab per Villa.

Each villa will have approx 20 lights, 5 A/Cs, 2 TV set, 1 Audio.

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You could use 1 installation of OH2 but remember… there is no user access control (yet) in OH2
So you won’t be able to segregate access on 1 deployment. Better use 1 instance per villa.

I would definitely go for one instance of OH per villa and maybe another instance that monitors some stuff from all the villas (so that you can automate various centralized scenarios).


Thanks a lot for quick response Angelos. In that case, can I install
multiple instances of OH2 (running on distinct ports) on same
physical/virtual server ?

Thank you and Kind regards


I would go for docker containers or separate vm’s for each openHAB instance (it’s easier to manage) hosted on one/multiple physical server!
The VMs can at one point use the fail-over capabilities of multiple physical servers!


Thanks for reply George. Much appreciated

I agree with Dim and George, one instance of OH per villa is probably the way to go for all the cited reasons.

I also agree Docker or separate VMs for each will be much easier for you to manage and maintain.

But do realize this is a very large deployment. You will want to include a lot of configuration management, maintenance, and monitoring services such as:

  • some sort of repo to store the Rules which can be checked out to each of the 70 instances of OH
  • reverse proxy to add some authentication/authorization to the UIs (e.g. should the occupants have access to the administration UIs?)
  • Nagios or the like to monitor and get alerts when one or more goes down or behaves strangely
  • if using Docker you probably want to host your own Image repo rather than depending on Dockerhub
  • if using VMs something like Chef, Puppet, or Ansible (I like Ansible) for automated building, deployment, configuration, and updating

Thanks a lot for your feedback and guidance Rich.

Thank you and Kind regards