Maximum temperature of the year

Hi, I’m new to Openhab and I’d like to improve my knowledge of this home automation management tool.
I searched around the web and in the community and managed to get the minimum and maximum temperature of the day from my weather station.
Now I’d like to be able to extrapolate from my database influxdb the absolute maximum temperature and maybe that of the month or year.
How can I do?

OH provides methods to get min, max, etc from now back to some point in time. But if you, for example, want the max from last month as opposed to today-30 days you need to do this outside of OH, or you need to keep track of it in separate Items and do the book keeping in Rules.



Thank you Rich,
I try to learn more in OH but is difficult for me!
I have a small weather station nomemade with nodemcu and Arduino code, I already have the min and max temperature of the day but I wold like to have the max and min temperature for each month and every years…
In wich way can I do this?
OH is very good but difficult!
Thank you for all the good jobs and time.

To do it with oh rules you need to create items for reach month and the year. As the temperature changes you need to check the min and max temp items for the year and the current month and update them if necessary. We love to help but we won’t write this for you. Give it a try and come back if you run into problems.

A starting place -

I guess you need only run the kind of rule that Rich suggests, when these values change.

Thank you for the suggestions and support.
I will try in the following days and I will let you know for hoping progress.