Mbed Device Connector REST interface

I have an OH2 system that’s running for a while on RPI. My new project is to add more sensor via mbed boards. Here’s the basic mbed tutorial.

This all works and I’m at the point of connecting mbed Device Connector to OH2. Here are examples for talking to the mbed Device Connector in curl, node.js, and python. It’s HTTP REST to https://api.connector.mbed.com/xxxxx

Question - is there a binding for connecting OH2 to mbed using REST? HTTP puts looks easy, but it’s unclear how to listen for callbacks…

Looking at the OH2 REST functionality, the examples are for driving OH2. I can modify the python example and peal the data notifications off as they comes back and do url requests to the local OH2 server to update… but that seems hackish.

Did I miss something?