Mcp23008 relay board

Is there an add-on for a MCP23008 8-Bit I/O Expander? I want to use relay board with MCP23008 on I2C bus. I see there is a add-on for a MCP23017 but i cant see any for MCP23008

Doesn’t appear to be. However, you could try using the GPIO addon.

I understand the MCP23008 and MCP23017 are quite identical, apart for the one reading/writing 1 byte and the other 2 bytes.
I do not know the binding, as I have the 23017 read by an ESp, but would it be possible to use the MCP23017 binding for the MCP23008 and just ignore one of the bytes?

Yea, maybe, or maybe I will just take some time to change that binding for the MCP23008, because it is already included in java library.

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has there been any Progress in this case?
I also need to solve that problem. Got a CE Board with both, Mcp23017 and 23008 on it. So 24 Inputs. Also i need to pass a command to set the Pins high (init.d??). How do i adress this case? I’m barely a programmer but i have some sense of it. Would be happy at any answer. Thx a lot for the effort.

Cheers Andrew