Mean of data field in REST API openHAB

Someone can explain me about the meaning of fields in this:
“type”: “string”,
“name”: “string”,
“label”: “string”,
“category”: “string”,
“tags”: [
“groupNames”: [
“groupType”: “string”,
“function”: {
“name”: “string”,
“params”: [
This’s example data used to create an item by rest api.

Use REST API to inspect existing Items, and you will work it out.

Most of the clues are here -

About the only non-obvious thing is that category corresponds to <icon>

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i folowed your link and read but it didn’t have some meaning about function field and category. Can u explain me about that

It’s how to define an openHAB Item. It describes the properties that you can assign to it when you create it.
What are you not understanding, what an Item is?
Or have you not used JSON before maybe?

The linked document tells you about an Item’s name for example.
And in the JSON is a field called name. Can you make the connection here?

I want to know the meaning of field : category, function, name, param,… The meaning of them when we define an Items. Do u understand ?
if u don’t. For an example, name is mean name of item and label is text name of items . So what is fields mean i mention ?

For an example:
Meaning of type

noooooo. U can’t understand what i mean ? fields i want to know the meaning of them don’t mention in this link u send. Do u understand ? i feel so tired because of trying to tell what i want to know with u !!!

The meaning of the JSON field “type”: is that here you put the type of the Item you are trying to create.

The document tells you about the different types that Items can be, for example a Number type.

The word “type” means to distinguish one class of thing from another, for example ‘bright’ or ‘dim’.

I’m tired too. Communication problems.

nooooo. why can’t u understand what i mean ? For an example, name is mean name of item and label is text name of items . So what is fields mean i mentioned ? please, don’t waste my time.

I won’t waste your valuable time any more. Good luck.



Please overthink your attitude and don‘t be so rude to users trying to help you.

The category field describes the function of an item, e.g. a light, switch etc.
Function is belonging to the special item type group, you find explanation for it here

All in all, you need to read the docs to understand the concept behind openhab and that‘s what we strongly recommend.

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