.members.sortBy[lastUpdate].last does not work for me

I have created the rule below.
Regardless which of the 4 items in the “when section” triggers the rule I am always getting in LF_Garden.members.sortBy[lastUpdate].last the same Item.

What am I make here wrong?

import java.util.concurrent.locks.ReentrantLock

var java.util.concurrent.locks.ReentrantLock lock1  = new java.util.concurrent.locks.ReentrantLock()

rule OutsideLightsRule
	Item GardenOuterLights changed or
	Item GardenInnerLights changed  or
	Item GardenPowerSocket changed  or
	Item TerasseLights changed  
    Thread::sleep(100) // give persistence time to catch up
	try {
		logInfo("OutsideLightsRule", "triggered") 

    	//get the member which triggered the rule
    	val outLight = LF_Garden.members.sortBy[lastUpdate].last as SwitchItem

 		logInfo("OutsideLightsRule", "outLight.label " + outLight.label) 
   		// Alert
    	val StringBuilder msg = new StringBuilder

   		msg.append(outLight.label)  // note a map and transform can convert from Item name to human friendly words
   		if (OFF == outLight.state) {
   			msg.append(" OFF") }
   		else {
    		msg.append(" ON")}

		sendMail("lukic@gmx.ch", "Garden Light " + outLight.label , msg.toString)
	} finally {lock1.unlock()}

Was the reason for the failure behavior. The item was misspelled (TerraceLights).
I am using SmartHome Designer, which unfortunately does not parse code inside “when” section and does not mark such errors. SmartHome Designer is a great tool, but needs some update.

After fixing this script error things are working as expected.