Memory leak in bowser and OH client app

As it looks, there is a severe memory leak in the chart OH widget.
I have a chart on my home screen with 3 graphs, refreshing every 30 seconds.
The system shows the current PV output, the battery charge and discharge power, the overall consumption.
Every 30 seconds, the chart refreshes (based on the persisted items set with a rule every 30 seconds).
Since I started this topic, the memory usage of the browser variables increased from 510 to 592 MB.
Running the OH app on a tablet crashes with OutofMemory exception (so does the page in Chrome).
I cannot nail the exact issue, it is referring to line 7 in app.js.
There seems to be a variable “i” where each instance holds up to 9.5MB

Seems to be related to “Detached V8EventListener”.
Is there a solution for this?

Who is in charge of the OH widgets available?
Especially the chart widget?
There is a severe issue (memory leak) in this widget and that needs to be corrected.
Also Chrome crashes the page with “Out-Of-Memory-Exception” after getting slower and slower.

Issues can be reported at

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