Memory leak in SelfCleaningStringPoolEntry?

I have to reboot my Openhab 2 about every 3 weeks because it uses up the whole 1GB ram of my Raspberry Pi. Here is a chart from Grafana:

I’ve now managed to get a memory dump using this command:

sudo -H -u openhab bash -c ‘jmap -dump:format=b,file=/tmp/dump.bin 5118’

I’ve made one dump after a restart of OH2 and one after 7 days and compared those dumps. Here is the result:

Could those SelfCleaningStringPoolEntry’s cause my memory leak? And am I even looking in the right place? (I’m not experienced with Java memory analysis)

Any luck solving this?

I didn’t have any problems with memory leaks since the update to Openhab 2.3.