Memory Leak?

Hi Everyone i’m having problems with my setup i’m running on windows 10 OH v2.2

When I first boot the system and launch OH it uses around 4GB of ram thats for system and everything else

but after a few days my OH system goes weird and says devices offline ect looking in task manager my ram usage is just under 8gb (theres 8gb installed) the only thing to solve this is reboot system and relaunch OH

is anyone else experiencing this?
how could i track down this problem it might not even be OH

Ive been running 2.2 on a 4gb NUC in win 10 for months without seeing this.

I have z-wave 2.3 snapshot, fritzbox tr064, samsung tv, astro and nest bindings and use the mail out action.

What bindings etc are you using?

Tp link, hue, mail, gcal, weather, kodi, network, Samsung I’m using quite a few different bindings

No zwave atm

You can bring up the Task Manager and click on “More Details”. Then click on the memory column and it will sort all the running programs and services by the amount of memory they are using. When you RAM usage gets to 8 GB, do this and see what programs are using the most RAM. That will tell you whether it is OH or some other program that has a memory leak.

If it is OH, you will have to disable your bindings one by one until the memory stops growing and then report an issue on the binding that stopped the growth in memory usage.

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Ok I will look into that I have been using taskmanager already it just shows ram nearly used looking on the ram usage i cant really tell where all the ram has gone

Not on the RAM tab, look on the Processes tab. That lists all the programs running and one of the columns is how much RAM that process is using.

It’s not quite at the point of crashing yet but ram usage is getting high I will post an update when it starts playing up again

I have encountered this problem again

If openhab was the reason my memory was being used up would closing openhab release the memory as I have closed everything running and my ram usage is still 7gb

I’m stuck trying to solve this I have scanned for malware & virus removed unwanted programs ect

I don’t want too mess with openhab too much atm as I’m not sure if that is the problem

Any suggestions?

Yes. Closing the openHAB program would immediately free up the memory used by it. If you close it and the RAM doesn’t return then OH is not the source of your problem.

If OH is the source of the problem, you will need to remove add-ons one by one until the memory stops growing. Then file an issue on that one.

I have closed everything that was running on the machine some light network stuff, Openhab, nextpvr memory did not return so its not related too none of them how can I track this down

My ram usage should only be around 4GB

The ram does seem too stop growing once it hits 97% but my openhab setup is completely unstable at that point forcing a restart too clear the ram and then openhab runs fine until something makes the ram grow again

Should I try a system restore too when this didn’t happen I would have already tried alot but I don’t want too damage my openhab setup it’s took alot of work

The only way to identify the source of a memory leak without resorting to hooking up a profiling tool is by process of elimination.

You will have to uninstall add-ons one by one and wait to see what one is there one that is growing.

Note, anything that you spend a lot of time building should be backed up and restorable. If you are worried about needing up your setup then you do not have adequate backup and restore procedures. You should be able to take a machete to your setup without fear because you have it backed up and a tested and proven restore procedures.

Iv got decent backups its just the restore that worries me there is a lot too understand how OH works under the hood and if something goes wrong I might not be able too get it running again I have had alot of help from people like you setting my system up

Can I just copy the main openhab folder to a different computer and run it from there until i solve the problem with the main system

Is everything stored in the main openhab folder habpanel paperui items ect I know my text files are stored there

Then you may as well not have backups. Backups without the restore are no better than having no backups. You need to create a new fresh install of oh (iirc you are on windows so it’s just an unzip to a new folder), stop your running OH and test out the restore.

Are you aware there are backup and restore scripts built into OH under the bin folder? Unless you are running unofficial add-ons it should cover cover everything.

IMHO, figuring backup and restore it should be your number one priority right now.

If the problem is in OH then copying it to another computer will not solve the problem. It will just move the problem to the new computer. Though that would be a good way to prove that the problem is indeed OH and not something else.

For a Windows or any other manual install, everything that is OH is stored in the main oh folder. However, the new machine will have to have your hardware dongles (e.g. zwave controller) on the same com port and other ancillary services like mqtt brokers and external persistence databases need to be moved separately.

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Thanks for that rich I agree learning how to restore is important right now I will test and see what happens

I’m not sure if anythings unofficial tbh I don’t think it is tho also I have not tried the scripts