Memory overload on openHAB 2.5.4 - 1

Well if your system outgrows your virtual mem you have a memleak. With more swap and ZRAM you’ll hit the limit later but you still will hit it, so go find the component that causes it.

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I fixed a thread leaking in the miio binding this week. So please try a setup without the miio binding.
The fix will be in next version 2.5.5.


I think that more of less 30% of the lights at home uses this binding. However after I installed zram as @mstormi suggested, so far I didn’t have any problems… Before I had to reboot every 9 hours and now it is running for about 30 hours. But in order to give a final word I’ll see if there’s something happening within the next days… I’ll keep you posted…

Is this thread leaking available in openhab 2.5.0 (stable) ?

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As I said, I fixed this issue this week, so of course it is not included in 2.5.0. It will be included in next version, 2.5.5.

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My mistake… What I meant was…
Is the issue with the thead leaking in the 2.5.0 ?

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It is probably since a long time, maybe since the first day ? Sorry, I don’t know exactly.

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Okay… Will the jar be available?

I heard 2.5.5 will likely get released soon.

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For the 2.5.5 snapshot :


@mstormi after 8 more hours the system stalled because of the memory full. You were right because of zram, openhab could stay longer but at the end I had to reboot the rpi…

Just upgraded to 2.5.5, I’ll monitor the performance of the RPI. I hope this upgrade will solve the thread issue!!

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After 8 days running with no flaws, just wanted to report that the 2.5.5 version solved the thread problem!

Thanks everyone for the support!