Memory requirements

Hi All,

I am using an Orange PI Zero and thought i would use OH2 on it however the 256 MB RAM i have does not seem sufficient.

I have tried with the latest snapshots and beta but to no avail.

1.8 works just fine.

What do you say should 256MB be ok for OH2?

Well my windows server 2012 uses 1.2 gb running openhab and nothing else. I think 256 is too low based on the usage of my pc. Id get atleast raspberry pi 2 or 3. Or something around that. Not only for the ram but a slow cpu should make it less user friendly. Ive been looking at the orange pi zero for other stuff and i just dont think its fast enough or have enough ram. Might want a beefier orange pi

I’ve been running openHAB2 on a Orange Pi PC for about a year now which has 1GB ram. Top shows the java process using 40-50% of available memory. I think 256MB is a bit low.