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just to make sure i am not doing anything wrong: My PR #14186 was approved a bit over a month ago but has bot been merged yet. Is there something i need to do to get it merged or is it just so that the maintainers are busy doing other stuff at the moment ? I assume the latter since there are a lot of other PRs waiting to be merged also. Just wanted to make sure its not because i missed to do something.

Your PR was approved by a contributor but not by a maintainer, therefore it cannot be merged.

OK thank you! Do i just wait for a maintainer to approve it or do i have to ask for it ? If i have to ask, how do i know who to ask ?

Write a comment and flag


I think tagging like that only works for members of the openhab GitHub org, though?

That is correct. You can’t even see who is in it unless you’re in it.

I asked about this a few weeks ago during the M1 discussion and was told that there would be some sort of push to get new bindings merged in soon. There’s over 30 in the backlog (a handful are stale), and well over a dozen ready for final review, some waiting north of a year. I’ve got one in the queue myself, one about to be submitted for review this week, and a third that I’m going to hit right after.

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So, thanks everyone for the infos so far.
I take it that at the moment there is no way to know who to ask for an review ?
Thats… weird. Wouldn`t it be easy enough to somehow publish the members of the maintainers group ?

You can look up the maintainers in github, but that has no benefit as you still cannot push them to do a review for „your“ pull request.
In fact, it might offend maintainers if they get pushed…

Yeah OK i do not want to push it or annoy anyone. I just understood from the answers above that it will not get merged unless i ask an maintainer for an review.
If i just have to wait and it will get reviewed and merged eventually, thats OK - i just wanted to be sure that it is not because i failed to do something.

No, that‘s not really necessary.

Just to clarify, only people in the groups can see who is in thr group. If you’re not, you cant even tag the group in a comment on the PR let alone see members.

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