Merten Button 506219


i am a newbie and have a over a dozen of these buttons in my house.

I can search for these devices, but openhab is not able to recognize the device (button, dimmer or something else).

Now i found something looks interesting:

But i dont know where i have to place this file.

Or can anybody help me to integrate this devices manually?



Step 1 is to check if the device is in the database and was approved in May of last year so as long as you are using a build of OH after that date.

Step 2 is to include the device on your controller. Read the manual for your controller and your device for how to include it. The high level steps are usually to press a button on the controller to put it into inclusion mode (can be done from PaperUI or HABmin as well), press a button or do some action on the device (see device manual) and the lights will flash showing the device is included on your controller.

Step 3 is to look in the Inbox for the new device.If the device is mains powered the zwave binding will figure out what it is and label it appropriately. If it is battery powered, you will have to wake up the device several times to give the binding a chance to interrogate it enough to recognize it. Sometimes it needs to be woken up as many as a dozen times, others just once.

That XML file is placed in a folder by the binding. You don’t manually do anything with it.

Hello Rich,

thanks for your answer. In my openhab the device is not listed in the supported devicelist, the state of the device under configuration-things is “unknown device”.

The state of the Device in the CD-Jackson list is “Information complete, but required review”. I want to check the functionality of the XML file. How can i do this test?

It will be listed as an unknown device until you wake it up a number of times to give the binding a chance to interrogate it and find out what it is. Hence step 3.