Messed with my Samsung TV setup

I had the Samsung TV beta binding from the marketplace up and running with my 75" smart TV on OH 3.4.4. Then I moved everything to a raspberry and updated to OH 4.0.4. Unfortunately the binding did not load correctly, giving some weird error messages. Then removed the binding and tried the standard Samsung TV binding. That loaded but it did not work. Since I upgraded to 4.1.0 I can get the Samsung TV beta binding to load but it does not work as expected. In particular it not even turns the TV on anymore. I can use a linux command to turn the TV on, so it is not a connection problem.

I tried a couple of binding installs / uninstalls as well as removing the TV things. If I try to remove the TV thing it shows removing all the time. If I reboot OpenHAB the TV thing is gone but when I turn it doesn’t show up in the Inbox but in the things listing itself saying Not Ready Yet.

I suspect that I messed something up here. How can I do a clean remove of things and bindings manually so that I can retry to install the Samsung TV beta binding from the scratch ?

Force removing seems to do the trick.