MessUp after 1061->1062 upgrade

hm…shouldn’t have updated to 1062. Any help is highly appreciated. After update i see in Paper UI a service unavailabel 503 error…no more bindings in configuration…however they are all installed when i go into the list of bindings…so zwave is not working…litterally no binding at all is working as it seems that all is messed up. I cleared tmp cache but this does not help at all. did already move backward to 1061 but seems 1062 did distroy something…

Any idea what I could to to fix ?


Revert to an officially released version.

I don’t know why people insist on suffering with bleeding edge code.

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I guess it’s called masochism! Partially joking! :wink:

Thanks - sure i know that bleeding edge means pain sometimes. but with OH2 my understanding and reading from the community is that even if OH2.1 is stable and OK, some issues have been solved along the way with builds from 2.2 path. Definitely you are right to not go with every update that comes along.

Will try your advice to go back to 2.1…my fear is that it will not change anything from my current behavior as a move backward to 1061 as well did not deliver my old stable environment. my fear, something is broken.

The reason to write here was that if someone has experience with this issue that in bindings install section i see my bindings as installed, but not in the config menu…as if there would not be a single one…and it really seems to be so…as zwave aso not work right now. in addition lots of icons in classic ui are replaced by a default icon).

So if someone knows how to fix such scenario - please let me know. Elsewise I would start from scratch and hopefully restore my backup. Should be way more easy now as i have moved all items to txt files.

There’s no general issue with #1062 (mine’s fine), but there’s a rather long-standing problem in the startup sequence to sometimes hit you (and me, every time) that can result in what you’re describing.
My workaround is to stop openHAB and to move away all my rules files before starting. This reduces startup time and avoid running into timeouts.
Once you validated OH is working, you can move them back.
I actually believe this is more to hit people like you and me who have moved their things & items config into files rather than to keep using the UI and jsondb.

@namraccr: someone has to play the masochist part, no ?
Or do you really want all of this to surface at release time ?

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