Meteoblue Binding - error installation

meteoblue Binding
binding-meteoblue - 2.4.0

i got a openhab.log

2019-03-26 21:47:56.941 [ERROR] [core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Failed installing 'openhab-binding-meteoblue': Unable to build resource fo
r Unsupported 'Bundle-ManifestVersion' value: 1

Try the newest Metroblue jar file found here.

@H102 merci for the feedback
should i also move openhab from 2.4 to 2.5? on the openhab homepage the still show version 2.4

have a nice day

… or how to install a add-on with a file?

The file should be placed in usr/share/openhab2/addons.

Before adding the file I recommend making a backup. If you’ve never backed up OH, an easy way is to use openhab-cli.

The command is sudo openhab-cli backup or sudo openhab-cli backup --full if you prefer the bigger file (The smaller file should work just as well). The backup location is var/lib/openhab2/backups and you will want to move that file from the OH server to another device/PC (you can use something like Filezilla).

If the backup is ever needed, start with a fresh install of OH, then place the backup file into var/lib/openhab2/backups. Next use sudo systemctl stop openhab2 to stop the running OH service, then sudo openhab-cli restore /var/lib/openhab2/backups/ to restore and lastly sudo systemctl start openhab2

The Metoblue binding may work fine without needing to upgrade OH from 2.4 to 2.5 but if you still have issues then I would consider giving OH 2.5 a chance and with a backup you can easily go back to 2.4.

@H102 Merci
have done the update to 2.5 and installation worked well.

did use this information
and i got something.

  1. the icons, have they to be copyed in \icons\classic and no subfolder?
  2. i got the today but other day are missing
DateTime todayForecastDate "Forecast for [%1$tY/%1$tm/%1$td]" <calendar> (weatherDay0) {channel="meteoblue:weather:metBridge:Zofingen:forecastToday#forecastDate"}

i did belive just to change (weatherDay0) to (weatherDay1) would be the trick but no it just move to the group and is missing on (weatherDay0)

there is also not another forcast to get only the todayForecast

some i am bit confused, again :thinking:

another question

Number:Temperature  todayTempL  "Low Temp [%.1f �C]"   <temperature>  (weatherDay0)  {chan

what is the meanig of this � ?
i mean i can’t remove it ? because it will show only the %.1f C - and not the temperature

You create the subfolder, use a name that helps identify what it’s for, and add .svg (OH default) or .png to the end.

“The files to extract from the zip file and install in the folder will be named “iday*.png” or “iday*.svg”.”

Then add whatever iday icon you choose to the folder.

Use the correct channel group name in each item channel.

Today’s forecast

DateTime todayForecastDate "Forecast for [%1$tY/%1$tm/%1$td]" &lt;calendar&gt; (weatherDay0) {channel="meteoblue:weather:metBridge:Zofingen:forecastToday#forecastDate"}

Tomorow’s forecast:

DateTime tomorrowForecastDate "Forecast for [%1$tY/%1$tm/%1$td]" &lt;calendar&gt; (weatherDay1) {channel="meteoblue:weather:metBridge:Zofingen:forecastTomorrow#forecastDate"}

Day2 forecast:

DateTime DaytwoForecastDate "Forecast for [%1$tY/%1$tm/%1$td]" &lt;calendar&gt; (weatherDay2) {channel="meteoblue:weather:metBridge:Zofingen:forecastDay2#forecastDate"}


See if adding the degrees symbol helps.

Number:Temperature  todayTempL  "Low Temp [%.1f °C]"   <temperature>  (weatherDay0)  {chan

@H102 thanks for your patience
i will try it tonight.

another question
i have done the configuration in the Paper UI - when saved should there not be a *.cfg file at the end?
i have done a things, items and added to the sitemap but no cfg file created for the basic information. :thinking:

A file that ends with .cfg ( and located at etc/openhab2/services/) is something that’s configured for a specific binding. Take the mqtt binding for example, if you have not installed the mqtt binding, then you will not have a mqtt.cfg file located at ect/openhab2/services. OH automatically creates this file when a binding gets installed so creating a .cfg manually should not be needed.

If you’ve done all configuration via PaperUI then you shouldn’t need to worry about .cfg files as OH will handle this for you. If doing a binding configuration using files, not PaperUI, is when the .cfg is used.

I’m not the best at explaining things (reason for all the examples in previous replies) so hope the above explanation makes some sense. Here’s a snapshot using VScode for creating/editing OH files.

Notice the zigbee.items near the top and alexa.things at the bottom that’s part of my Items/Things files that I (not OH via PaperUI) created. In the middle, you can see the services file that holds all the OH service/bindings configuration files.

@H102 belive me you explained to me, very well! and im very happy about - merci

and - it works fine for me . i am just not enough patient to wait :wink:
and i found a small bug on the explainaition - the second word “todayForecastDate” have to be each time another name :wink:

?so would it make sense to config with paper ui and also add the cfg file for it?

Good catch, finding that each item needed a unique name.:+1: This is true for all OH items, not just for this binding. Guess that’s what happens when I copy and paste to much.:laughing: I edited the post above so if anyone else is having issues they won’t make the same mistake.

If you have everything configured via PaperUI and it works then no need to add anything extra. The .cfg file is automatically created by OH and you shouldn’t need to manually create this file.