[Meteogram] Display of used data-provider changed to used Modell?

I observed that the display of the used data provider changed to the used weather modell. Is it possible to keep the name of the provider displayed instead? As far as I can see there is only the data provider option selectable, however I migth got lost in the endless line of options.

Yes that’s right. Because there is now a choice between MOSMIX and ICON-EU within the DWD provider. There is a new-ish option which isn’t yet published to the API page, where you can customise the text by performing string replacements.

Try adding the following options to your current URL:


where “mosm” is replaced by “dwd” or whatever you want

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Works! Thank you!

BTW: I tried the DWD API Token with no luck (Invalid token), would I need a different token for that? If yes, how to get it?

Yes, it’s a different token for the dwd API.

Tried it, even with a different EMail. IMHO I should be getting a token when hitting “Subscribe to starter plan” and completing the CreditCard information form. The command bar turnns green after saving, but thats it.
:face_with_raised_eyebrow:Am I stupid?

No you are not stupid. The underlying payment processing system changed their API recently, which broke my code… I have now fixed this to work with the new API so hopefully it should work again…

Thanks, will into it tomorrow.