MI IO Binding - No Response from device


the MI IO Binding will not work correctly on my server…
I have one vacuum and 4 lights from MI.
All devices are in the same subnet. But not in the subnet of the server.
The binding get the correct tokens and ids from the cloud (I found them in /userdate/miio/).
The vacuum work out of the box … I create the vacuum thing with paper UI and the thing is “online”.

But … all my yealights won’t work …
The binding don’t dicover my lights…
So I setup the thing’s with the config.

like here:
Thing miio:basic:light "My Light" [ host="", token="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", deviceId="5EC919D", model="yeelink.light.ceiling3", communication="cloud" ]

But I always get: No Response from device
I don’t understand this … the config is correct … so I think…
What can I do to find my failure?


As per the faq in the documentation: Xiaomi miio devices only respond to commands while they are on the same subnet and vlan.
Hence your setup prevents the communication.

You may try to switch all of them to cloud communication to work around the issue. This is a new feature in the oh3

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The communication over the cloud is only supported with OH3?
I’m using OH2.5.2 currently and made the cloud-setup already (see my 1st post).

I don’t think I backported that one.
But you can easily check this: If you see a selection in the thing properties ‘communication method’ than it’s available…