Mi-Light LS1 & rfxcom

Hi all

Just starting out with open hab. I have a number of Mi-Light LS1 led drivers which I need to connect to open hab. I have the Mi-Light ibox2 and got it all working on the Mi-Light app. I have tried adding the ibox2 but it allways says offline. And only seems to support the old 4 zones.

The LS1s are all individually addressable and the ibox2 can controll 99 different channels.
I can’t seem to add this to open Hab.

I hope these are compatible?

As well as this I have rfxcom but can not pair it to a remote socket. I usher to use domoticz and this was easy by pressing a link button but there doesn’t seem to be such thing on open hab.

I will be greatfull if anyone can give me help on either of these issues

I have the latest openhab installed running on a self built windows home server.

The opensource esp8266MilightHub by sidoh can not do FUT090 (99 group remote) currently but if the LS1 can also support different remotes then the hub could be used. See the google docs link in this issue thread…

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Thanks Matt1. I will try sniffing for RF and see if i can work somthing out, will be interesting to get it working… (also means i wouldnt of fully wasted my money… :rofl: )

I got the RFXcom working in the end, it was my drivers that were wrong.


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If you could add the support for the FUT090 remote that would be great and a lot of users would be thankful. Step 1 would be working out why the sniffing feature built into the hubs firmware does not see the 2 extra packets as mentioned in that issue thread. Once it can see and report what the packets contain, the rest should be pretty easy but it wont get done until the right person comes along.

The other option is to purchase one of the other strip controllers which use supported remotes, they are pretty cheap but if you already own a large number of the LS1 then…