Mi Smart Standing Fan 2


i try to add my Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 in OH, but i do not really understand, how it works.

can someone help me?

The “Xiaomi Mi IO Binding” show me dmaker.fan.p18

You’ll need to give some more info.
Have you added it as a thing?
Is it showing as a basic thing or as unsupport?
What version of oh you are on, etc

i use OH 2.5.10 with Xiaomi Mi IO Binding.

i found my mi smart fan 2 as a supported device.
after i add it with PaperUI, it was shown as unsupported device.

now i got the LIVE, SSID and RSSI information from the fan, but i can’t turn it on.

I think your device only has been added to the most recent version (3.2 milestone builds)
Parts MAY work if you pull the json file for your device and load it locally, but your milage may vary. Expect to do some manual tweaking of the json file (see readme for some hints on this)

after i delete it from my *.thing settings and add the fan in PapaerUI, everything works fine :slight_smile:

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now that it’s getting warmer again i wanted to use my smart fan.
After plugging it works with the mi app but not with my openhab. The token I have also checked and is still correct.

Why is my fan shown as offline?

edit: very strange.
after i reinstalled the fan it seems to be visible in openhab again.