Microphone Audio to Speakers

Hey Guys,

it is possible to stream the microphone audio from a selected default input device in the Paper UI to a connected Speaker.

So what i want to do is, to stream the audio form the microphone to the webaudio source when i press a button in the sitemap. Is that even possible?

Is there already an existing variable that i can use like the following example?


Or do i need to stream the microphone audio to a specific URL in order to get an audiostream?


Thanks in advance for all your help!

I think that will be the solution.

Just be aware of the inherent delay in streaming…it might be a couple of seconds or longer

Thank you for your help so far.

I found some posts about streaming the microphone audio to a HTTP URL.


I will test this and inform you if it worked :slight_smile:.

So far I testet the playStream option with a HTTP Radio Stream but i can’t get it to play through the webaudio.

For example if I use


the sound plays through the speakers that are connectet with the soundcard audio jack (which I set as default in the Paper UI (System Speaker (with mp3 support))), but when I use the following command:


the sound does not play through the Web UI.
Even when i select the webaudio as default in the Paper UI the first example won’t work.

So the audio URL works, but not over the Web UI?!