Microsoft Band App - OpenHAB data in RSS/ATOM form?

Got a Band 2 for Christmas. Very cool device.

First thing I thought of was using the Web Tile functionality documented here: It could show me data about OpenHAB, without needing to develop a full app. Obviously a full app would be nice to initiate control from the band, but this is an easy first step.

Any thoughts on how to get data out of OpenHAB in an RSS or ATOM format?

You will need to write a script that gets data from openHAB somehow (rest api, mqtt, etc) and publishes changes to your feed. You might be able to do this through IFTTT if they have an RSS or Atom channel.

you can bind the web tiles directly to Openhab’s JSON interface. No need for a RSSfeed / scripting / IFTTT.

I managed to do this last weekend, leveraging the web tiles documentation available on the Microsoft website.
The documentation contains good working sample code for a JSON binding that can be used to change functionality to your needs.


  1. To get started I used the web based web tile creator, which generates a working Web tile. The content is a RSS feed by default, but this is not relevant as I only used the created the web tile to have a working framework and edit it manually afterwards.
  2. Then I added resources into the manifest.json file that bind to the JSON interface of openhab. (samples in documentation)
  3. Then added some pages that bind to the resources (samples in documentation)
  4. Finally, added a icon that shows up on the Band device.

Deployment to the band is easy:

  1. rename web tile file to .zip, update manifest.jason and icons, rename back to .webtile.
  2. Copy .webtile file to OneDrive
  3. Open .webtile file directly from the phone (on OneDrive, or copy .webtile file to the phone by any tool and open it locally on the phone)
  4. Opening the .webtile file triggers the installation process with the Microsoft Health app.

Add some of your actual code to this and it would make an excellent new posting as a tutorial.