Microsoft "ToDo" and using openHAB3 "Pages" as a central information hub (aka "MagicMirror")

Presently I’m using “MagicMirror” in my corridor, which displays some information - especially information of my house (which is obviously coming from openHAB):

Now I’m wondering, if I instead of MQTTing the stuff to MagicMirror I’d like to see I simply use the new Pages-UI and configure a dashboard, which displays all the information I’d like to see on my MagicMirror.
So, currently I’m using a “Microsoft To-Do”-plugin, which allows the MM-UI to display something like this from my family’s ToDo-List:
This is a live view into the shopping list in MS ToDo. I don’t want to have a up-to-date ToDo list in openHAB, but I’d like to display the contents here in some way.

Has someone had a similar task or some ideas? Thanks!

I’m not using this mirror but according to their documentation it seams like you can use HTML snippet module " MMM-HTMLSnippet".

This can include iframes. So build an page on your openHAB instance which contails all information you want to display. Then build an iframe html for this. Probably this could look like this (Of course width, height, yourip and the update interval must be modified:

  module: "MMM-HTMLSnippet",
  position: "top_left",
  config: {
        html:`<iframe src="https://YourIP:8080/" title="openHAB"></iframe>`, //insert your script or html codes here.
        width: "600px",
        height: "300px",
        backgroundColor: "#FFF",
        updateInterval: 3600000,

For more details have a look here where I saw all the information: ulrichwisser/MMM-HTMLSnippet: Display a HTML snippet on your mirror with optional reloading (

By the way, thanks for the idea with the mirror, it looks quite cool :wink:

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The Mirror is cool , definitely! I’m just in the thought process of switching the UI completeley to OH3. But I’m also considering using the iFrame solution, just as you proposed! There are a whole bunch of plugins, which not neccessarily need to be in openHAB (like public transport and stuff)…