[microsofttodo] New Binding Development

Hi there,

I’m currently developing a new binding to be able to add some todo tasks to Microsoft To Do via rules and would like to share my current development status here. The current proof of concept is able to add a new Bridge for the OAuth handling, add TodoTaskLists with useful channels and has a addTodoTask() action to add a task via DSL (and maybe other scripts).

Development can be tracked on my GitHub Repo.
Beta Releases can be found here: Releases · DarkC35/openhab-addons · GitHub

I would be glade to get some feedback and plan to submit a PR of the complete binding mid April.

I’m going to update this post here too with the latest development status and when I upload a working jar file as a GitHub release for beta testing.

EDIT: Removed link to Readme branch and added Release link.

Hi there,
i just uploaded the first beta release: Release First Beta · DarkC35/openhab-addons · GitHub

Now the binding supports Discovery Service and some more parameters to the addTodoTask action were added.

Before I create a PR to add it to the OH repo there are some issues I want to fix first:

  • clean up code
  • add a logic to restart polling when polling crashes?
  • bump microsoft-graph from 2.7.1 to 3.2.0

The last point is bloked by a problem with a new kotlin dependency that was added to okhttp3 version 4 I couldn’t figure out to solve: Get okhttp3 version 4 kotlin dependency running

I would really appreciate any help or feedback :slight_smile:

Happy beta testing,