Miele@Home gateways

I have just bought a couple of Miele devices, an oven and a fridge, which I want to expose to OH2. After reading the documentation, I thought I would have to buy a Miele@Home XGW3000 gateway to do this.

However, it transpires that the Communication Module XKM3000Z, that the oven needs, is also a gateway and is recognised as a thing by OH2. If you create a new system under system settings on the oven, it creates a second thing, which is the oven.

So, the XGW3000 appears to be not only relatively expensive, but also unnecessary.

I believe that I can add my fridge to the system controlled by the oven too, though I haven’t managed to do that yet.


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Hi Stephen. The reply is late, for sure too late for you, but maybe it can be useful for other people asking the same question.
The Communication Module XKM3000Z is a Zigbee device that communicates with the XGW3000 gateway. If you add the gateway, openhab sees all your appliances connected to it, but unless you have a Zigbee sender/receiver you shouldn’t be able to see your fridge without the gateway.
And if you do have such a Zigbee sender/receiver, you would still have the issue that the Zigbee communication protocol of Miele devices is still internal/unpublished, as far as I know.

Hi Aurelio

It works for me, though I’m not sure it really provides any added value :frowning:.

Talking of Zigbee sender/receivers, my Hue controller has never taken any interest in my kitchen devices.

It also appears that Miele were moving away from Zigbee towards generic wifi (http://www.kuechenplaner-magazin.de/themen/branchennews/detail/news/wlan-statt-zigbee-miele-vereinfacht-die-vernetzung/).


Yes the added value is limited, as it is for most applications. Actually in many automation solutions you need more energy to supervise your automation system than the efficiency gain :slight_smile:
With Miele, there is very little you can set or change in your appliances (apparently for safety reasons), it is useful if you get to know when the washing machine has ended (you don’t have to remember to look at the watch or to set an alarm :slight_smile:
Unfortunately the Zigbee protocol defines certain aspects of technical communication (frequency and so), but not the protocol used, so just because they are both Zigbee devices doesn’t mean Hue and Miele can communicate with each others. That’s why all Zigbee devices need their own gateway. However, Hue would speak WiFi if it hadn’t been disabled by Philips.
Yes Miele is moving away from Zigbee to WiFi, but apparently it still needs the XGW3000 that gathers the data and sends it in a standardized way to every machine that wants to be kept informed.
The best source - where even Miele engineers are participating - seems to be the Symcon Forum. However it is in German.

@stephen_winnall Are you really able to see your fridge in the binding, without even having a Miele XGW gateway?

I own a miele steam oven and have attached the zigbee module, but am not able to find it in the binding, as I don’t have such a miele gateway.

I’m really curious how you did this.

Hi @Eberhart,

I can’t remember what I did back then. I may have been over-hasty in my assumption that OH2 can access the XKM3000Z: certainly, my oven and fridge appear in OH2 as attachments to the XGW3000. My OH2 cannot see the XKM3000Z.

Aurelio’s comments above are probably what you should go by.


@Aurelio @stephen_winnall

Hi both,
In the market for a new oven and hob so intruiged by this! I note from the binding that most, if not all of, of the items are read only - is that the case? I.e. you can read oven temperature (for instance) but not modify it? If so I agree that that is not especially helpful. Have a wonderful vision of a hob / oven controlled by alexa but sounds not possible?

Hi Fraser

I have not used the Miele-OH interface at all, so I can’t really comment. And I don’t have a Miele hob because they didn’t have an extractor fan in the size I was constrained to, so I got Electrolux stuff instead.

The Miele app tells me things like

  • the fridge door is open

  • the oven program has finished

Note that there are serious safety considerations associated with switching a hob on remotely…


@scootaash You are right, Miele@home does not offer you a lot of possibilites to modify things, except stopping running programs. For example, if you have the oven working you can stop it.
What you can’t do, and Miele says it is for security reasons, is switching it on or change the program. For example, if you have programmed the oven to start at 6 p.m. to have dinner ready when you come home, you can’t change the program to start at 5 or at 7. For me, that would have been the most important function…
At the end, for me Miele@home is particulary useful to know when our washing machine is finished, because usually we don’t hear when the washing machine beeps in the basement floor. But for this, you wouldn’t need the gateway and the Openhab connection.