[mieleCloud] Dishwasher G760

Hi @Bjorn_Lange,

This is with the 3.4.0.M1 build of the binding.

I suspect possibly that this one channel is not reading / updating correctly… for the Dishwasher G760.


In the IOS app, I can start or stop the unit remotely. Currently however I’ve tried with the unit on and the door closed with autodos enabled. Try as I might I cant seem to get that single channel to transition into the ON state, although I can clearly start and stop the device from the IOS app. Hence I suspect its not quite mapping through correctly?

Maybe its a known issue, or you would like some further data from the bindings debug output?

If you can confirm when it should go to ON / OFF I’ll double check those precise states. However I suspect, as the IOS app lets me start the device it’s simply not pulling the flag through to the channel feeding the item?

Hopefully the above makes sense? Thanks for all the hard work with this binding.

I can confirm that remote_control_can_be_started is also OFF for my dishwasher when it’s waiting to start and I know for sure that I can trigger it to start through the Miele app as well as the Miele@home binding (XGW 3000).