Migrate from manual install to repository install

Good afternoon,

I am running openhab2 on a pine64 and I am trying to figure out the correct path to go from a manual installation or the pine64 image to a repository installation.

Is there any way to do this without having to install from scratch had terrible experience installing ubuntu on this board.

Thanks in advance.

Just backup your current install (mainly you care about the conf and userdata folders).

Disable any start script you may have written (systemctl stop openhab2; systemctl disable openhab2).

Then follow the apt-get instructions in the docs.

Finally copy the contents of your conf folder to /etc/openhab2. If the new version you are moving to is significantly newer than your manual install you may or may not be able to copy your userdata folder to /var/lib/openhab2. Personally I would not copy this and reinstall bindings and recreate anything you did through PaperUI or Habmin instead of using the conf text files.

I appreciate your help.