Migrate habpanel config to new instance

not sure how stupid is the question. But I do not manage to migrate my habpanel configuration to new openhab2 instance on a raspberry. I thought copying /var/lib/openhab2/config/org/openhab/habpanel.config does the trick. Something else missing?
thanks in advance.

You need to switch from local settings to server settings: Edit Dashboard … Panel Settings … mark your server settings, hit OK, then go back to HABPanel Start page.

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Thanks for prompt response. Meaning, that on new instance I have to logon to same myopenhab cloud, right?


Your HABPanel config has nothing to do with your cloud config.

But I am back to my original question. I thought so, that it does not sync via cloud. I need to copy some files to new instance. But what exactly?

Yes, but you already answered your own question :rofl::

And then perform the steps I mentioned:


BTW, thank you:)

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You can also do it via the paper UI:

Configuration -> Services -> UI -> Habpanel
Click Configure, followed by Shore more and below you will find the “panel registry JSON” which you can copy and paste from the old to the new OH instance.

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Yes, but in this case if you make changes to one of your configs you always need to make those changes manually to all other instances of HABPanel.
The Server configuration picks up all changes to all instances of HABPanel automatically.