Migrate MCO Home Thermostats (MH7H)

Hi there

Attempting a gradual migration from OH 2.5 to 3.3. Have a RPi 4 with a new Aeon Zwave 5+ stick and have successfully added a couple of switches (so i know its working).

Having difficulty migrating the above stats though. Have gone thru the suggested “exclusion” process for the above units but they still show as having a node id and not “- - -”, as the manual suggests. They also pop back into my original 2.5 Inbox, even though i have deleted them from Habmin on the 2.5 interface. Any thoughts or experience from others on this?


Managed to figure it out. Thought i would share with others, I had to go into my OH 2.5 PaperUI instance and go to my Zwave USB dongle’s Things properties.

From there i set it into Exclusion mode and very quickly had to go thru the Exclusion process on the thermostat itself (long press of the S4 button until the “LAN” screen appears and then press the S4 button again (once)). That made the “—” appear on the screen.

Then, from my new OH 3.3 i “scanned” for new zwave devices whilst pressing the S4 button just once and stat(s) popped into my Inbox.