Migrated to OH2, all 1.9 bindings work but Insteon, which doesn't spit out any errors

I started the terrifying process of upgrading my RPi3 from openHAB to openHAB2 following @rlkoshak excellent migration tutorial (here) and it actually went a lot smoother than expected. I got to the stage where I installed the 1.9 versions of all the add-ons I use (not that many) and they all seem to be working pretty well. My Lirc, exec, and Denon items all work exactly as expected, but Insteon isn’t actually controlling the Switch’s and Outlets that it used to.

I get no error’s in the logs. The log correctly reports the events ON or OFF command sent to the correct address (with all the previous configurations) and I don’t get any errors in the logs but the lights don’t turn on or off. openhab user is in the dialout group (as well as root and tty just for good measure) and my Insteon PLM is connected to ttyUSB0 and that is the line commented out in insteonplm.cfg. I’m reading up about how to add debugging to the Insteon binding logging but if anybody has something obvious I may have forgotten I’d love for some direction on how to get this back on track. Thanks in advance!

edit: forgot to add that I’m on oracle Java 1.8

I got a response in a related thread I regretfully resurrected but I thought it best to continue to document my issue here: Oddly, my RPi running openhab2 and prompted me for a password despite having SSH keys set up for months now seamlessly offering passwordless entry. I eventually fixed it by making sure StrictModes was enabled (e.g. StrictModes no) in /etc/ssh/sshd_cofig file. This happened when I upgraded to openhab2 and it doesn’t seem like an option OH would change, but I thought it prudent to document.

Anyways, after i fixed thisI WAS able to actually toggle some of my insteon products. 2 of the light switches did go on and off but they were very inconsistent, sometimes taking upwards of 15 seconds to respond to an off command (if at all) and none of my outlets were responding to commands. Honestly it seems more like noise on the powerline than something with openhab but it happened DIRECTLY after upgrading to openhab2. Here’s the debug log if it has any clues…https://pastebin.com/pgy4JRN5