Migrating from OH1 to OH2 - Unknown Device

Hi all,

Apologies if this is covered somewhere else, but I’m trying to migrate from OH1 to OH2 and I’m stumbling at one of the first hurdles… most of my devices show ‘Unknown Device’, but they worked fine in OH1.

One example would be this (from my OH1 .items file):
Number Living_room_Sink_Window_Bat “Living Room Sink Window Battery: [%d %%]” (BatteryLevels,gLivingRoom) { zwave=“14:command=battery” }

In PaperUI (or habmin) for this same device I see Unknown Device, and I’m not sure what I can do to fix it.

To be clear, these aren’t new devices and so I’d imagine that they would be fully initialised in the controller. They seem to all be battery powered, so I’d imagine that possibly they need waking, but then some of them are temperature sensors and so I’d imagine they’d be sending updates? Ah… actually now I look again, they do seem to slowly be appearing.

Does that mean that the device information isn’t stored in the controller, but is retrieved over the network when the device wakes? If so, is there any way I can copy information over from my OH1 setup? I’m not at the house for the next couple of weeks and so I can’t open doors etc to trigger the devices to wake.


Edit: I forgot to say that I’m using a version I downloaded from cloudbees yesterday - beta 4 I think. PaperUI tells me that the zwave binding is “binding-zwave - 2.0.0.SNAPSHOT”

Initialization takes two steps. There is adding it to the controller which is indeed preserved. But there is also initialization within the binding itself. This can only happen when the binding communicates with the device. But battery devices don’t talk very much so you have to wake them up to force them to talk to the controller. If you wait long enough (days) the devices usually wake up on their own to transmit something (battery status perhaps) and the binding will be able to get the info it needs then. Though sometimes it takes multiple wake-ups for the binding to fully query the device.

The 2.0 binding is a near complete rewrite I think so I suspect you cannot just copy the data over from OH 1. Honestly I’m not entirely certain one can copy over the information from one OH 1 instance to another.

Okay, thanks very much!