Migrating from RPi to Fedora 25?


I’m currently running OpenHAB 3.0.1 release build on an Raspberry Pi model 3B and have been for several years, upgrading from time to time as appropriate.

The Pi is running Openhabian and Mosquitto and I have a separate Pi running Zigbee2mqtt.

I also have a home server (HP Micorserver) running Amahi 10 home server which sits on Fedora 25. This is very under utilised - its basically used as a NAS but also does DHCP and DNS on the home network.

I am now wondering whether I can amalgamate all devices onto the Fedora implementation and turn off both of the PI’s.

The Openhab implementation is part textual configuration (most items, rules and sitemaps) and part paperUI configured (things and a few items).

Assuming I can install Openhab on the Fedora box (this is more a technical issue from my perspective - I am not an experienced Linux user) how do I migrate my openhab implementation from the R-Pi to the home server? Obviously I can move the textual configuration files, but what about the PaperUI configured parts?

Can anyone give me their thoughts / guidance?

Thank you in advance.

I would always vote for separating my smarthome system from other networking stuff. Doing updates on your home server might have negativ impact on the stability of openHAB if you run them together on the same system.

There is no PaperUI in openHAB 3. As there are backup scripts available, you can move the complete config from one system to another, but you should make shure to have the same openHAB version running.

GUI configured Thing, Items etc. are stored as JSON db files in the userdata folder. If you use the backup/restore scripts, all configs will be saved.