Migrating from Samsung SmartThings to OpenHab2

My second post here so please bear with me if I get this in the wrong place or cover old posts.

I have spent alot of time over the last month reading about OpenHab and all tried to get an understanding of the community. Read alot about design patterns from Rick and are how to use them.

Would like to propose a new topic within the OpenHab community on migration from SmartThings to OpenHab and how this can be done. I’ve use alot of knowledge form Rick and Time of Day, and modified it using other posts on presense information and now have a good working solution to replace what I had it SmartThings. To be fair the routine I had in SmartThings was an user add on solution as well. So go figure.

Where I would like to head with this topic is how can we provide good code that replaces some or part of the SmartThings Code. I already have the day/night presence mode sorted out (just some adaptations of the community code).

There are many of you who are so good at working with the xtend language within OpenHab and I love all the things you are doing with it. Lets keep sending out good code to everyone one.

This is what the Tutorials and Examples category is for. We would love if you posted a tutorial or write up of your experiences as I’m sure there are many migrating from SmartThings.

And browse around that category and you will find lots of great examples. And look forward to the experimental rules engine maturing as we will be able to distribute rules through the IoT Marketplace directly rather than just pissing examples in the forum.

I’ve looked through the examples but didn’t find much aside from a project to bridge Smartthings with OpenHAB via MQTT but migrating wholesale would involve re-pairing all devices from the ST hub to a Z-Wave stick.

I know this is a stretch but is there an automated tool that could make that easier?

None that I know of.