Migrating from Windows 10 to openHABian

I am currently running OH 3.0.0. on Windows 10 and I would like to migrate to openHABian.

I have already setup an openHABian installation on another machine, which is running without problems.

However since I have done already a lot of work setting up my installation on Windows 10, I do not want to start from scratch on a new setup under openHABian.

I would appreciate info as to which files should be copied over to which folders, in order to get my existing setup migrated to openHABian.


Create a backup ( which includes all required files ) using the cli tool on the windows system; copy over the backup and restore it on the linux system ( see below links for more information )

Finally above operation was successful after solving several issues with files permissions.
Backup zip file created on windows cannot be accessed on Linux unless login in as root user and then unzipping and zipping again the backup file and finally issuing the restore command.