Migrating from Windows OH to Synology OH

Hi guys, hoping for some help here.

I install OH on a Windows 10 machine and did all my config using PaperUI. I wanted to transfer to Synology.

I have successfully installed OH with Java on my Synology NAS now - but is it possible for me to migrate my configuration and bindings across from my Windows 10 machine? Or must I redo from scratch?

If you are doing a manual install on Linux, yes, you can copy your config.
You could also do that with a repo or openHABian install, but it is a little fiddling around.
Check https://www.openhab.org/docs/installation/linux.html#file-locations

Hi thanks for the reply.

Sorry i am not very tech savvy so just want to confirm what you said - do you mean that I can
(i) copy the config files from the OH folder on my Windows 10 machine; and
(ii) put them directly into the synology config folder for OH

and the thing will work?

You shouldn’t run OH on a NAS, even more so as you describe yourself as non tech-savvy.
Better get a RasPi and use openHABian.

No, that won’t work.
A Windows installation is a manual installation with a different folder structure.
You need to copy your Windows configuration to the corresponding folders on your Synology.

thanks very much for the replies so far!

Can I know the main difference between running on NAS v on RasPi? I looked at the instructions and RasPi looked pretty intimidating to be honest. What kinds of issues do I face trying to run it on NAS?

Type “synology problem” in the search field on the upper right and you will know :grinning: