Migrating from ZWay to OH

OH Newbee here. I’m currently running ZWay on a Pi 3 with Razberry and want to try out (and hopefully migrate to) openHAB. I intend to put the latest openHABian on a fresh SD Card.

  1. Will OH automatically discover up my existing Z-Wave network?
  2. Will OH not destroy my existing Z-Wave network (eg. by resetting the controller)? Having to exlude/reset/re-include devices would be a major PITA since some of them are no longer easily removable
  3. As far as I understand the ZWay binding is only needed when I want to run ZWay and OH at the same time, is this correct?

I’m sorry if I have missed some FAQ where all this is already explained. Pointers appreciated!

Been there, done that (see the T-shirt logo)

I had both a native Openhab (via openhabian) on a RPi3 and a ZWay installation on a separate RPi3 via a Razberry card and a ZWay binding on the Openhab installation to “pull” the ZWay config into Openhab.


  1. configuring the zway items using the native interface was a PITA, but it worked once I “got the zen”.
  2. the OH core - zway interface worked reasonably well for several months, until one day it did not.
  3. so far I have been able to salvage the zway-controller-paired devices into my main OH-z-stick controller without undo hassle.


So, on that openhabian RPI you use an USB ZWave controller, correct? What I’m still not really clear on is whether openhab/openhabian natively supports the Razberry module. Do you know about that?

Yes re the openhabian RPi using a USB ZWave controller. I do not personally know if OH2/openhabian natively supports the Razberry module. AFAIR some of the obscure openhabian-config options somewhat imply that, but I do not know personally. The option (35 in my version of openhabian-config) says: “Prepare serial ports for peripherals like Razberry, SCC, Pine64 ZWave, …” but I did not test that.

All right, I see.

I did some more research and found this which indicates native support should be there indeed:
OpenHAB2 + Razberry + Z-Wave Binding
Serial port settings