Migrating ZWave to OH3

Migration of Zwave from OH2.5 to clean install of OH3:

Searched the forum and couldn’t find a hint on how to do that… not sure this is the right place to ask that question, but there is at least some discussion about zwave miogration in this thread…

I migrated most of the OH2 config to OH3 3.0M5 already.

One part left is zwave. I’ve got OH backups of both, 2.5.2 (currently running on Syno) and 2.5.10 (was running on Intel NUC before I made a clean install of OH3 on it).

I would not want to set up these things from scratch again - some of the zwave “things” are not easily accessible (e.g. Fibaro rollershutter, single/double switches…).

I’d like to avoid new inclusion of all zwave things.
That’s why I prefer to migrate the data (things, channels, items) as they are on OH2.5.

How to do that? What about the zwave folder in userdata?

Since this question was not in any way related to the thread you posted on, I’ve split it out as a new thread.

You can just start the ZWave binding and it will (eventually) rediscover all devices by itself. You do not need to reinstall everything “from scratch”.

To speed things along, it is useful to copy this folder over. This folder contains the information the binding downloads from the devices, so copying the data over will speed things up as the binding won’t need to download it again. This is especially useful for battery devices as they may only wake up every hour, or every day, so this process can take a long time.

One other point - don’t forget to copy over the security key in the controller thing from your OH2 system :slight_smile:

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This sounds perfect.

Where can I find it?

I will give it a try later today or tomorrow and provide feedback how things went…

It’s in the controller “thing” configuration. Note that you can ignore this if you don’t have any devices that are securely included.

well, no success yet.

Steps taken were:

  • connected Zwave controller to Intel NUC
  • copied Zwave folder to userdata
  • rebooted NUC
  • started Zwave binding

I’d expected the controller would be rediscovered as well, but nothing happens…

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The controller is never discovered automatically - you always need to set this up manually. If you don’t install the controller, nothing will work.

Thanks a lot Chris!

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Great stuff :+1:

I probably should have mentioned that first step earlier, so apologies for that but I had kind of assumed that was a given that the controller needs to be created… I should remember - nothing is a given :slight_smile:

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There is no need to apologize for anything here - I’m so grateful getting support like yours.

I was just too hesitant setting up the controller manually… other, more experienced users would have probably known that…

Thank s again!

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Just want to add, if it helps: when I migrated from OH2 to OH3 I just moved the userdata/zwave folder to the new instance, and after I added the controller everything was discovered and added flawlessly. So I guess that’s to be considered when you do an upgrade.

Yep - that’s as recommended above :slight_smile:

It’s not mandatory, but certainly useful.

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I am using a Z-wave binding based off a 2.5.11-Snapshot from November 28 modified to read the humidity of my RTC thermostats. The only file that is modified is the ZwaveNode.java.
Will the 2.5.11 snapshots work (in general) with OH3 or is there a 3.0 Zwave binding that need to be used? I could not see anything obvious on github.

No - they will not work. The classes have been heavily refactored between OH2 and OH3 (ie the names have changed - not much else). This means you must use the OH3 binding.

Thanks for the information. Hate to be a NOOB but I can’t locate it on github.


Is it the master branch?


Another quick one, but still on topic.

Is there a “Refresh” values of items that was in HABmin for a Z-wave thing in the new OH3 UI? Couldn’t find one.


PS- Up and running zwave on OH3. Upgraded from working 2.5.11 (not a fresh installation). No problems.

Not as far as I know - this is really a UI question so @ysc might be able to comment…

Glad to have found this thread. I’d like to play with OH3 on a separate piece of hardware without permanently bringing down my OH2 instance. Does the z-wave node number assignment stay with the transceiver? That is, will node3 in the OH2 system still be the same device with the same ‘node3’ designation in the OH3 system if I just move the USB dongle?

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I was pretty certain this was one of the “actions” parameters which end up in this list but apparently not…


How does this work again @chris?