Migration 1.8 to 2 - dynamic icons

I’ve moved my setup from Openhab1 to Openhab2.
My dynamic icons are not working anymore.
I’ve tested changing the icon with the provided by the setup.
This is my item definition:


Switch item=alarm_switch_node25_motion01 label="Allarm" mappings=[0=OFF, 1="Alert", 2="ARMED"]


Number  alarm_switch_node25_motion01    "Alarm Switch Motion"   <shield>

The icon is static this one:

When I press the button on the sitemap, it changes the value:

alarm_switch_node25_motion01 changed from 1 to 0


alarm_switch_node25_motion01 changed from 0 to 1

But the icon doesn’t change. It remains a black shield, even if I have those images as well in the same folder and I could open it via browser from my openhab server url:

(those are taken from opehab.org)




Dynamic icons work a little different in OH2. The file name has to match the mapped definition, not the item definition. So in your case it’s alarm-off, alarm-alert, alarm-armed and alarm (the default).

There are some threads here which explain this deeper. But I can’t find them at the moment. I think @rlkoshak wrote something about that?!


I’ve tried to copy shield-alert.png, shield-armed.png, shield-off.png, shield.png, as well as shield-0.png, shield-1.png, shield-2.png into /etc/openhab2/icons/classic but nothing changes. :frowning:


I’ve got it.
The name must be numeric, shield-0 shield-1 shield-2 and placed in icons/classic.
The problem is it works on basicui but NOT on classicui.



Yes, one. :wink:

You can try defining bitmap as icon type in the configurations options of classicui:

It is discussed in the Necessary Changes section of the migration tutorial and in the icons section of the Items docs.

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sorry to bring this topic back up but I don’t understand why my icon does stay black and doesn’t turn green when turn the switch on.

items file:
Switch alarm “Alarmanlage [MAP(alarm.map):%d]”
(I tried %s as well)

Switch item=alarm

transformation alarm.map:

the default shield icon has 3 “states” shield (black), shield-0 (red) and shield-1 (green).


Please find all details regarding Icons in documentation (revised since this thread was last discussed):


Thx for your quick reply!

I read through the dynamic icon section already. MAP transformations are important.
I get confused with raw state vs transformed state.

Defauld Classic Icon names are shield, shield-0, shield-1, can’t change that.

I have a switch whos raw states are “on” and “off”… not 0 and 1, right?
So I need a transformation to map on / off to 0 and 1 to match the icons state names?

That’s what I do with my alarm.map (off=0 on=1).
Doesn’t work with and doesn’t work without a transformation.

What am I missing?

edit: or can it be it’s not possible to use an icon with -0 and -1 in the name for a switch item?

You need to provide:

  • shield.svg
  • shield-off.svg
  • shield-on.svg

These can be copies of the original in the folder $OPNHAB_CONF/icons/classic

That’s it :slight_smile:

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aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! :wink:
ok thx!